Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspidities to be Adored

Exchanges of thoughts past and in spite of irreconcilable differences, essentially bound up with matters of representation (mimesis in all its domains), the political, class, and my organicism against their mechanicism, it remains the case that few other people speak intelligently and openly in the same degree.

Highly allergic to the self-congratulatory and un-self-reflective consciousness and practice of the Left with its rackets and gangs, certain to make many people angry because it pisses on their self-certainty.

I highly recommend the following bits:
Self-Interview No. 2: Class Composition
This highlights the strengths and weaknesses of their idea of class, but certainly thoroughly skewers the psychological compulsion of "revolutionaries" to proclaim their objective proletarian-ness (as well as that of every other Uni student and social worker and professor).

Sadly, my only complaint would be that well before a certain anal retentive narcissism, Hegel identified the radical with the Law of the Heart. The recourse to viscerality is all too de rigueur, as almost any book by Slavoj Zizek at Barnes & Noble will attest.

Slef-Interview No. 1: On Occupy X

Autumn practices; Vacate X; But if these are the means, then to what purpose?

At some point, maybe clarification will ensue. The differences are as extreme as the similarities. All too frequently the diagnosis is the same, but it seems that the trip there is a source of disagreement between the surgeon and the accupuncturist, and the resultant and mutually opposed recommendations for this incessant back pain indicate a probably unbridgeable gap.

Still, I am obliged to recommend this fellow as well as myself, since everyone else is something of a crackpot. No doubt some hilarity would ensue from a coming together of the DuPontist International (sorry, a bad joke) and Nicole Pepperell, as their philosophical similarities (emergence, complexity, no doubt a deflationary theory of truth) would result in the same level of difficulties.

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